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"The Unwilling" (The Children of Lilith) by C. David Belt

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The Unwilling Reviews:

"I found myself not wanting to put it down. It became that addictive! 
The characters were so full and well developed. I fell in love with Moira, and I wished she was a real person that I could be friends with. It's written from a male point of view which will make it a great read for anyone. I initially had my doubts when I realized that it was a vampire book written from a Latter-day Saint point of view, but it worked! It was so interesting that even non LDS people will find this book appealing. There are so many exciting plot points to this story. You find yourself deeply involved in this incredible world that the author has created, and are surprised when you look at the clock and see how long you have been reading! 
This book leaves the reader satisfied. It should be on every shelf. I just wish that Moira was real! 5 stars, Mr. Belt! Well deserved!" Book Junkie Reviews

"The Unwilling is a great new take on vampires that comes as a breath of fresh air among many such stories. The characters are immediately likable and the story grand, stretching over the centuries though still managing to feel relevant to today. The action and the emotions feel real and the journey that the two main characters make towards redemption and towards each other was an exhilarating ride. A satisfying reading experience that made me thirsty for another installment." ~Michael Young, author of The Last Archangel and The Canticle Kingdom

"If you want to read another "vampires are people, too," book, this story may not be for you. Harking back to the good ol' days of Dracula, Belt has revived the idea that vampires are beings of pure evil and in league with Satan himself. Unlike many modern vampire novels, evil actions in this book are actually seen as evil, and redemption takes more than saying you want to be a "vegetarian" from now on. Tackling difficult issues such as moral agency and how the actions of others can-and will-effect your life, The Unwilling goes places few modern writers are brave enough to take their readers; it is a place of morals and a place where consequences are real. I highly recommend it for anyone who is brave enough to face these same issues in their own lives." Ryan Larsen, Taylorsville, UT

"The Unwilling is a fresh approach to a well-traveled theme. The excellent character development melded well with an engaging plot, drawing me in immediately. Loved it!" ~Loretta Julander, Hooper, UT

"This first entry into what I understand is to be a trilogy is a wonderful welcome into the universe of Carl and Moira, vampires who realize what is right and wrong and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to stay firmly on the side of good. Although that concept in itself is not a totally dramatic shift in vampire literature, let me tell you why it is a refreshing change. In almost all paranormal movies, TV shows, and books, the existence of evil forces is readily acknowledged and respected, but almost never is there any sort of counterbalancing belief and respect for God and His power. Occasionally, God's power is debated, but usually it is dismissed as either weak or as nonexistent with the evidence of His failures being the primary plot devices. In this book, though, the reality of God's presence and His supreme role in the universe, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, is the primary basis for the plot. It is truly a refreshing take on the vampire legends and I am looking forward to the next installment." Susannah Sharp, Layton, UT

"An LDS vampire story: what a concept! This is an interesting page turner that has all the twists and turns of a mystery novel, with a perspective that makes Church members sit and pay attention. A great read!" Rick Steadman, Salt Lake City, UT

"First of all, a refreshing view on vampires! They're evil, like in the good ol' times! And they chose to be that way. Most of them, anyway. Not to give too much away, - choices and agency are critical elements in any situation and it doesn't matter where you are in life, whether you're a bad guy or a good guy. What you choose to do about it is what you will be in the end, and this book shows that perfectly. Everybody knows that being true to yourself and fighting for the right thing is not always easy, but that's what the main characters need to do and it's enthralling to read about their battle with evil. It's an amazing story about moral values, consequences, strong characters, real love, devotion and courage. I loved reading it. Once the chapter was over, I just wanted to keep reading and keep reading." ~Olya Polazhynets, Khust, Ukraine

"It was a fun read with twists I never expected." ~Craig Foster, Layton, UT

"Ever read a book that's so gripping from chapter to chapter that you can't put it down? You're holding one now!" ~John Abercrombie, Bountiful, UT

"The Unwilling is a very interesting and engrossing read. A fresh take on old tale, with a touch of new elements. Truly an enjoyable and thoughtful book." ~Nina Doxey, Roy, UT

"This was a wonderful read! Very well written; captivating characters and the right balance of emotion, action, and suspense. I appreciated the fact that the author didn't feel it necessary to over do the descriptive phrases and kept it moving forward. Also, there wasn't too much gore for the more sensitive readers! The only warning I would give possible readers...once you pick it up, it's hard to put it down! Great job!" ~Natalie Blackwell, Cedar Hills, UT
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