Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Days of Promise by Shaunna S. Gonzales

Shaunna Gonzales:

Dark Days of Promise Reviews:

"As I read Mrs. Gonzales novel, I felt as IF she was writing it about me and my life. I can relate to all three main characters. I found myself wondering when she had been able to glean so much information and bring it all together in such a way as it riveted me until I finished reading her novel. Shaunna had me falling in love right along with her characters, stirring up emotions ... and an eyeopener. This is a very good read!"~ Aclassic1

"Author Shaunna Gonzales dives into some very deep and often neglected topics in her contemporary military family novel, Dark Days of Promise. Having come from a military family myself, and seeing the effects of PTSD, I felt the author handled the issues with both respect and realism...I enjoyed this story for its depth and genuine feel. The romance is warm, with a few stirrings of heat, but the relationship progresses nice...I give it four stars for being a great read and an excellent story of the honor and sacrifice of our military." ~Stephenia McGee

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