Monday, February 25, 2013

"Sividious Stark" by Greg Park

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Sividious Stark Reviews:

"I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to be included in every teacher's classroom library. Oh, and if you have a teen or tween (that's also a high reader), I bet they'll love this book." ~Canda

"An excellent first entry in what I hope will become a new series by Greg Park, Sividious Stark is fun, fast-paced, and smart. A blend of science fiction and fantasy, SS throws the two worlds together in a gladiator-style arena from which Siv - a logical, science geek - needs to rescue a magical Kelsprite. 

Full of action, humor, interesting world building, smart characters, and speckled with sci-fi references (particularly Star Wars), this book had me laughing out loud and literally bouncing up and down with excitement. Despite being aimed at an early-teens audience, adults will enjoy this book too (I am 27), especially if you like sci-fi. The ending wraps things up beautifully while still leaving things open-ended enough to invite sequels...I will be recommending this book to everyone I know, young and old." ~ Jachyra

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