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A Walk in Heaven by Marie Higgins

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"Marie has done it again. She has written a Christian Historical Western Romance Novel that is sooo good. I started it this morning at 8:00am and finished it at 4:30pm. Once started, I could not put it down. There is not only romance, but intrigue  mystery, cold blooded murder, deceit, unconditional love, trust, family togetherness. Marie leads you from one mystery to another and just when you think you have it solved, she throws in a twist and takes you into another adventure. The characters will surprise you and you will either love them from the beginning or dislike them immensely  Come meet Joshua the handsome hunk, Gage and Peter all her new brother in-laws, Careen the beautiful southern belle and widow of Matthew, Betsy, her faithful maid and friend, William and Elizabeth her in-laws, the cutest 3 year old twins girls ever, Jessica and Francis, Laura, the mayor's daughter, Luther, the most evil man in the west and the rest of the cast. I guarantee you will enjoy this book and ask the same question as I am going to ask? Where is Book Two in the Grayson Series?" ~Mary Walling 

"This was a wonderful book...Ms. Higgins has written something for everyone, it doesn't matter what genre you read, this is a must read...The story is complicated with twists and turns and even satisfies my thirst for suspense... Ms. Higgins, well done, again!" ~ Mary Martinez

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