Monday, February 25, 2013


Would you like chapter 1 of your book featured on ReadChapter1.Com?
I feature books listed on Amazon.Com in print or Kindle.

Standards: I won't to link to a chapter 1 that contains sexual content, excessive violence or crude language.  I reserve the right to refuse a submission on any grounds.

Copy/paste the below questionnaire into an email for me.
*You may submit more than one book. Please list the book title in the subject
(Subject: Table for Two by Sheryl C.S. Johnson)

1. Name of the book you’d like featured:

2. Author’s Name:

3. Url of product page:

4. Hosting of chapter:
a. I can paste it on my blog like this. If this is your choice you’ll need to attach and email a PDF or Word Document with the chapter in it. I have a goal to do minimal formatting and would love to just copy/paste it. Also if you choose this option you must have rights to your chapter. I never want to infringe on a copyright. Do not choose this option if you do not have rights or permission from the rights holder.

b. You can post it on your blog and I will link to it like this. This is a great option to generate page views for your own blog. Provide the URL address here if this is your option:

c. You can host it in a PDF in Google Docs, Dropbox, Media Share or any other hosting site, so long as you provide me with a URL address for it. I will be checking through the document before featuring it. Provide the URL Link in your email. (If using any of these hosting options be sure to set your share settings to public or anyone who has a link-thank you in advance for that) You must own the rights to the chapter or have permission from you publisher to do this. Provide the URL address here if this is your option:

d. You can give me a link to a third party host. For example my publisher, Covenant Communications, has hosted my chapter 1 so I link to their page like this. Provide the URL address of the chapter, the URL address of your publisher and the URL address of your product page (If they have one) here if this is your option:

5. Genre or Genres your book would be in (Here's a list. I don't mind adding genres I don't have yet.):

6. Link to GoodReads page if desired.

7. Book reviews if you like any (Please include source, even if it’s a GoodReads or user with one name, Like “Sally.”) If you don’t include reviews I may find some myself and what you and I value in a review may be very different.

8. Your blog address if you have one.

9. A list of your other Amazon Books if you have any. If you have an author page or GoodReads page that lists your books that URL link will be sufficient.

10. Would you like a contact email listed with your book. If so, what email address?

11. If you have an “about me” page anywhere I’d love to link to it. Include the URL here:

Would you like something changed on ReadChapter1.Com?

Please email me with corrections or suggestions. This is a new site and I’d love the feedback. My email:

Thank you for helping us build this resource! I am excited to feature your work.
~Sheryl C.S. Johnson

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