Thursday, February 28, 2013

Table for Two by Sheryl C.S. Johnson

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Reviews for Table for Two:

"Loved this book. I would read a lot more from this author. Clean, fun, thought provoking, and romantic. I loved the gospel principles focused on. It really made me think. Great for a teen. Jana gets a job in another state, away from Utah and her family. She takes it to avoid the boy who won't leave her alone. Alex, her employer keeps telling her she can't live without him, He is breaking down her defenses but he is not LDS and she won't date or marry outside of her religion. She is focused on a temple marriage." ~ Nellie

"I would recommend this book to anyone that has lost a spouse or is thinking about marrying someone that has." ~Dorry Lou Wharton

"I really really really liked this book. It was such a cute read and perfectly in line with the content. I loved every page and stayed up way too late when I was reading this book. Sheryl Johnson is a new author and did a fantastic job on her first book. This is an LDS based romance and worth every minute of it. Often times the best things in life we have to wait for, and they end up being well worth the wait. Great job Mrs. Johnson!!!" ~Valerie Bybee

"Really enjoyed this book - I must have since I stayed
up until 3 in the morning to finish it." ~Rhonda

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